Nourishing Hope Food Program

Nestled within the Judy and Bernard Briskin Hope Village Hotel on the City of Hope Campus in Duarte, California, 1913 is more than a restaurant—it is a living embodiment of our founder Samuel Golter’s profound statement: “There is no profit in curing the body if in the process we destroy the soul.” At 1913, we are committed to nourishing both the body and the soul, serving food and beverages that align with our philosophy that good health is fundamental to healing.

Holistic Culinary Philosophy: Food as Medicine

Our menu is meticulously designed to maximize nutritional value, ensuring that every ingredient contributes to wellness. Our commitment to holistic health extends beyond our food:
  • Seasonal and Nutrient-Dense Menus: Each recipe is crafted not only to delight the senses but also to extract the highest possible nutritional value from every ingredient.
  • Sustainable Wine Selection: Our wine list is carefully curated from vintners who are devoted to sustainable farming practices, including water conservation. This approach ensures that each bottle supports the environment and complements our meals, enhancing the overall dining experience.
  • Organic and Small-Batch Spirits: The spirits we oƯer are sourced from family-owned distilleries that prioritize small-batch production and use organic or sustainable methods. This selection underscores our commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.
Our Clean Food Promise

At 1913, we adhere strictly to principles of purity and health:
  • No Chemicals or Additives: Our food maintains its healing properties as it contains no synthetic substances.
  • Organically Grown and Locally Sourced: We prioritize local sourcing to ensure freshness and nutrient retention, supporting local farmers and reducing our carbon footprint.
  • Sustainable Farming and Scratch-Made Processes: Our practices support the health of the planet and contribute to a sustainable future.
A Sanctuary for Healing

Dining at 1913 oƯers more than nourishment; it is an experience of healing and rejuvenation. Every meal is a celebration of life and health, prepared with the intent of healing both the body and the soul. Our beverages, from wines to spirits, are chosen with the same care and respect for the earth and its resources.

Experience 1913

We invite you to join us at 1913, where each meal is a harmonious blend of flavor, nutrition, and ethical responsibility. Here, every sip of wine and spirit is imbued with the philosophy of sustainability and care for the earth. Embark on a culinary journey where we continue to embody Samuel Golter’s vision, oƯering a dining experience that heals the body and uplifts the soul without compromise.