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 “People never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou’s famous statement serves as a rallying cry throughout Columbia Hospitality and fuels our collective drive — and success. Our people are our purpose, and our brand is our people. We seek extraordinary individuals who drive our brand promise of Creating Exceptional Experiences. We are a people-first organization, ignited from the inside to succeed on the outside. We are a tight-knit, inclusive, values-driven team, and we trust one another to have each other’s backs. We show up every day with open hearts, an inclusive mindset and a genuine respect for those around us. We have fun, grow together and strive to leave a positive, lasting impression on everyone we meet.

At 1913 Restaurant & Bar, we lead with a culture of service, while our mission is to be a community connector, offering refreshing, clean food, perfect for uplifting one’s soul. We are one team comprised of a close collaboration between our front of house service organization and our exceptional culinary team, led by Fernando Rodriguez, chef de cuisine of Nourishing Hope.

Get to know our leaders below, and find your place at 1913.

Get to Know Us

fernando rodriguez

Fernando Rodriguez

Chef de Cuisine
Chef Fernando Rodriguez originally planned to pursue a career in sociology, but his plans changed after he fell in love with cooking. Before joining the Hope Village team, Rodriguez worked for RockSugar Restaurant, a branch of The Cheesecake Factory, for over 18 years. He moved his way up within the organization, spending most of his time in the culinary research and development department. As chef de cuisine at Hope Village and 1913 Restaurant, Rodriguez combines his passion with his professional experience to craft menu favorites like seared scallops with cilantro coconut cream sauce and his signature Thai beef salad. He remarks that, "I didn't realize until now how food can translate to others feeling good and nourished. This position at 1913 Restaurant has made me appreciate food and people more than ever." Contact Chef Rodriguez at
thoi trinh

Thoi Trinh

Director of Food and Beverage
Thoi’s passion for hospitality was inspired by his mother’s love for cooking and serving delicious, authentic meals in their small family cafe in Vietnam. He began his own hospitality journey in the San Francisco Bay Area, starting as a dishwasher and working his way up to leadership positions for local and global brands. Prior to relocating to Southern California, he was Corporate Director for Chris Yeo Group, overseeing day-to-day operations and new strategic projects for the pioneering restaurant company. During the pandemic, he led a small group of investors to launch a gastro-lounge concept while serving on the Board of Directors for the San Jose Downtown Association as part of the city’s community revitalization effort. His extensive background also includes luxury hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, tech and business development consulting. Outside of work, Thoi enjoys reading and cooking for his family and friends. You can contact Thoi at 
adam ha

Adam Ha

Food And Beverage Manager
Meet Adam Ha, our Food & Beverage Manager, whose journey in the hospitality industry began three decades ago as a humble busboy. With extensive experience as a server, bartender, and in various leadership roles across different dining concepts, Adam brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Spanning fast-casual to upscale dining, Adam has mastered catering to diverse tastes and preferences. He believes hospitality's essence lies in people and is passionate about crafting unforgettable experiences for each guest. Driven by a commitment to continuous growth, Adam seeks to learn something new daily, personally or professionally. Outside of work, he treasures time with his 3Fs —family, friends, and furry companions. You can contact Adam at
yadira landin

Yadira Landin

Sous Chef
Yadira Landin's enduring love for food was nurtured by her mother, an exceptional cook renowned for her salsas, sparking a lifelong passion. Beginning with formative years in the family's mobile catering food truck, Yadira honed her skills alongside her sisters. Despite the challenges of raising two young boys, her unwavering dedication propelled her into the realm of culinary arts. Graduating from Le Cordon Bleu in Pasadena, CA, with a focus on culinary and patisserie, Yadira armed herself with both determination and a culinary degree. Her journey led her through diverse settings, including universities and hospitals, collaborating with talented chefs. Yadira’s 16 years of culinary creations reflects her innovative approach, she continues to thrive in her culinary endeavors at City of Hope. Driven by a profound desire to positively impact those facing health challenges, Yadira found her calling at City of Hope. Motivated by the belief that food holds the power to inspire, comfort, and bring smiles. Her culinary artistry serves as a beacon of hope, touching hearts and offering solace to those in need.Finding a chef who's constantly creating new dishes has been key. It's in this environment that Yadira finds the space to share her love and passion for cooking guided by the Spanish quote 'El amor entra por el estómago,' believing that the way to a person's heart is through their stomach. Her mission goes beyond delicious dishes; it's about uniting lives and families navigating challenging health moments. At City of Hope, she sees an opportunity to make a difference, bringing comfort and hope through every flavor and culinary creation. Her aim is to provide a reprieve, a moment of joy, and unity amidst challenges, serving love in every dish to alleviate the burdens of those who need it most.
fernando ramirez

Fernando Ramirez

Sous Chef
Fernando Ramirez has devoted nearly two years to his role at City of Hope, where he witnessed the inception of 1913 Restaurant & Bar. His culinary journey, which commenced in 2014, extends beyond the professional realm, seamlessly blending with his personal life. Ramirez enjoys spending time in the company of his family, embraces the art of tattooing, and embarks on gastronomic explorations across various states. Cooking, for Ramirez, is not merely a profession but a profound passion that defines both his identity and his daily pursuits. Ramirez believes in the boundless potential of those who dare to be fearless in the kitchen. His culinary odyssey began at 18, evolving from a dishwasher to a prep cook at the Rose Bowl Stadium, and later encompassing diverse venues like USC Coliseum and Angel Stadium. Wolfgang Puck Catering in Hollywood marked a transformative phase, exposing him to fine dining and advanced techniques. Despite achieving the coveted role of Sous Chef, Ramirez sought broader experiences in diverse culinary landscapes, ultimately leading him to 1913. There, under the guidance of Chef Fernando Rodriguez, he played a pivotal role in the restaurant's opening, ascending to the position of Sous chef a year and a half later. Through unwavering dedication and a fearless approach to his craft, Fernando I. Ramirez continues to carve a remarkable narrative in the vibrant world of culinary arts.