Nourish and Grow

1913 Restaurant & Bar is no ordinary restaurant. Named for the founding year of City of Hope, 1913 is a place where every plate is thoughtfully curated to nourish one’s body, heart, spirit and soul.

We make healthy food fun, sometimes fancy (because we all deserve it), but never boring. Including a creative wine list, vibrant salads, fresh, wild-caught seafood dishes and decadent desserts, we are mindful, as you are, as to what we put in our body.

No matter if you are a patient, hospital team member or neighborhood local, our commitment to locally farmed, sustainability-focused food is not just a pledge, it is a promise.

For many years, Nourishing Hope, the organization behind 1913’s menu development, has been at the center of City of Hope’s dedication to our collective, healthy community. This unique food-service program began with the mission to support patients and guests with an array of fresh, nutritious foods. Our community has expanded beyond the walls of City of Hope to welcome guests from all walks of life. All of our menu items are made from scratch to order, with only high-quality ingredients from local growers and producers, with an emphasis on sustainability, organic produce, fresh, hormone-free meat and poultry, and wild-caught seafood to enable us to provide truly clean food. Our on-site garden benefits our entire community and further cements the link between nutrition and wellness. We lead with a culture of service, while our mission is to be a community connector, offering refreshing, clean food, perfect for uplifting one’s soul.